Love the One You`re With: Nurturing your child`s unique temperament
How much can parents really impact their kids? Isn`t a lot of who they are genetic? The debate between nature and nurture is still raging. Studies of twins reared separately suggest that many behaviors we might have attributed to environment may be innate. But does that mean we’re off the hook as parents?

It turns out that about half of who we are can be traced to our genes. The other half, scientists say, can be attributed to our environment, or the effect of our environment on the expression of our genes.

Environment, of course, includes the world of peers and school, so some of who our kids become is attributable to the outside world. But the most important traits – the ability to give and receive love, the ability to maintain inner happiness regardless of the slings and arrows of fortune – are determined by a child’s earliest relationships.


Kathleen Notes:“After decades of clinical experience and familiarizing ourselves with the relevant research, we have concluded that the most important aspect of personality – the stability or instability of a person’s inner happiness – is entirely determined by the nurture a child receives." -Pieper and Pieper, Smart Love

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