5 Tips To Avoid Awkward Conversations at the Holiday Table

We already sense the looming train wreck. Our hearts pump harder, forehead veins twitch. We can hear the screams of rage followed by stony silence … while scorched apple pie smoke stings our nostrils. The season is upon us: the time of holiday dinners, with heaping helpings of awkward conversations.

Awkward conversations gravitate to the dinner table, returning unwanted year after year. Chances are, your family’s holiday meals lie somewhere on the awkwardness spectrum, between Aunt Bethany’s Pledge of Allegiance prayer from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and the “milking animals” discussion from Meet the Parents.

Holiday meals are some of the worst times to hash out drama or have deep discussions about sensitive topics. Yet family feasts seem to inevitably include a side of political rants, gross medical stories, inappropriate jokes, or the rehashing of family drama.

Every year we convince ourselves it’ll be different, that somehow our celebratory meal will be full of joy, peace, and normal conversation. How do things go so horribly wrong? Could we all truly get along—even if only for 30 minutes of face-stuffing glory?


Kathleen Notes: People are able to disagree and still be respectful...crazy, I know. Some topics may need to be off the table and create some boundaries around that for yourself.

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