What to do when your child talks back or sasses you
Most kids go through phases of trying out rude behavior toward their parents. And all humans sometimes let a momentary irritation get the better of them, so they snap at others. So you can count on your kids sometimes being rude to you.

Parents are often advised to ignore mild eye rolling but to crack down on real disrespect. But how do you know the difference? What does cracking down look like and is that effective? Should you really strategically ignore mouthy behavior, from a toddler or a tween?

I don`t think ignoring any provocative behavior from a child is ever a good idea. When kids express irritability towards us -- often called "back talk" -- they`re trying to tell us something, and if we don`t listen, they just escalate.

But that doesn`t mean you "crack down" harshly, either, because that erodes your relationship with your child and makes disrespectful behavior even more likely in the future.


Kathleen Notes: A measured approach is best: attune to what is going on for your child but also teach appropriate ways to handle those emotions. Acceptance of rudeness will bring more rudeness.

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