Worthy of Love
All children are worthy of love. This is how to help children placed through foster care feel safe, valued, and welcomed into your family....

....As adoptive parents through foster care, my husband and I strived to create a calm environment for our children. I had to learn to take panic-filled kids in my arms until they felt connected and safe. Time stood still as we rocked together. I waited with them for as long as it took. I told them it was OK to cry, and sometimes they did. Other times we sat in silence.

As I helped my children identify their feelings, repeating what I heard, their countenances brightened. Whether they were feeling scared, worried, nervous, alone or hungry, responding to them with understanding gave voice to their feelings of undiscovered or buried pain. As I created a safe place where trusting me was possible, they learned that my love was genuine.

I’ve realized that my children don’t need me to save them from all their past traumas or fears. They need me to walk with them, unrushed, day by day. Doing that affirms their place in my world.


Kathleen Notes: These stories affirm the need of all children (and humans) to feel seen, heard and understood.

- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 46 Date: 11/9/2021 1:24:21 PM -