Your Kids Are Watching Your Marriage

I watch Holland, my 9-year-old daughter, take tentative steps around the house in my high heels, a favorite scarf of mine draped around her neck in a loose approximation of how I’d worn it earlier that day. Later, she helps her dad, Nick, in the kitchen, observing as he swishes sliced leeks in a bowl of water to remove the grit. Then she assumes the task.

Our every move seems to be an unintentional lesson in how to do things. This is also true when it comes to relationships, and no relationship influences Holland’s estimation of how humans should behave toward one another more than my marriage. She watches how Nick and I interact, discerns what defines our relationship, and again and again notes, So that’s how it’s done.

Someday, she’ll be walking in my shoes. Not just literally, but figuratively, in her role as an adult, perhaps a wife, a mom. Your kids will follow in your footsteps, too.

So how are our marriages equipping our kids with the skills they need? What are those relationship lessons we’re teaching? I’ll go first.


Kathleen Notes: "Disagreement is OK — even productive. Disrespect is not."

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