5 Ways To Do Self-Care When You`re With Your Kids

The #1 Resolution of parents everywhere? Be more patient.

No matter what your child does, it`s your response that determines the weather in your home. If you`re finding yourself frequently resentful, depleted or exhausted, if your mind chatter often includes negative thoughts about your child, or if you`re yelling at your child on a regular basis, you may be suffering from what I call SAP Disorder -- Sacrificing yourself on the Altar of Parenthood.

That`s when we forget to give ourselves the loving attention we need. It isn`t good for us to feel deprived. It kills our natural joy. And it isn`t good for our kids, who end up with a resentful, negative, impatient parent. (Guess whether that helps them behave better.)

Does that mean you should tell your child she can forget about getting her needs met, that it`s about time your needs came first? No, of course not. Parenting is about nurturing your child, which means noticing what they need and trying to make sure they get it.


Kathleen Notes: Parents: self care is NOT a luxury, nor is it optional if you want to be a healthy and engaged parent.

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