Internet Smarts: Keeping Your Child Safe Online
Coming out of this Covid year, our children sometimes seem to spend all of their time on their devices. But as we move into the future, it`s worth taking a second look at our family practices.  Do we consciously educate our kids for web literacy and to be good digital citizens? Are we managing the universal tendency to screen addiction? Are we keeping our child safe?

The world-wide web is:
a. An extensive library of intellectual treasures
b. A dangerous place for kids
c. An exciting playground for kids
e. A random collection of facts mixed with opinions masquerading as facts, often challenging to distinguish from each other.
f. All of the above.

The internet world is like a city: jam-packed with information and resources worthy of the finest museums, but also holding menace for the unwary. You wouldn`t let your child wander unsupervised and unprepared in a city. The risks are very real. The risk of internet predators contacting kids has diminished greatly but still exists. The risk of casual -- or intensive -- bullying from other kids has increased. So in the same way that you appropriately monitor your child`s physical whereabouts and teach him to navigate the physical world safely, you`ll want to supervise your child`s internet usage and teach her web smarts, from net etiquette to web literacy to simple safety.


Kathleen Notes: Super wouldn`t let just anyone into your home...

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