Helping child with fear of bees - Phobia?

Regardless of where his fear is coming from, right now it is doing what all fear does: making him panic, so he can`t think or listen to reason. The way to help him with this is to help him to gradually "face" his fear and realize that he`s actually safe. That`s the only way fear goes away. If we don`t face fears, they gradually expand to take over other areas of our lives. In fact, wherever this fear comes from, it is now curtailing his ability to feel comfortable outside and causing a sense of constant threat when he is outside.

So how do you help he face his fear? You help him to feel it in small bits at a time, while reassuring him that he is safe. He breathes his way through it, and as he does so, the fear that is squeezing in on him begins to evaporate. (This is what happens to all emotions when we allow ourselves to feel them.) So "experiencing" the fear in small doses allows it to dissipate and vanish.

You don`t have to start directly with bees. In fact, I would not advise it. And you don`t even have to start with "fear" directly. Instead, start with anxiety, which is mild fear. Giggling is one of the best ways to vent anxiety. That`s why laughter is so healing to humans. So every day, be sure that you find a number of times to get your son giggling and belly-laughing. The only caveat here is NOT to use tickling, because it seems to be a different biological mechanism and does not provide the same release, and it can make your child feel powerless and out of control. But anything else that gets him giggling will effectively surface and release anxiety and help your son be more relaxed and flexible--and less in the grip of his "phobia."


Kathleen Notes: A phobia (bees or anything else) is a pervasive and irrational fear. The trick is that you can`t overcome it through pure logic. In fact, that often makes it worse...

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