Integrating Social and Emotional Learning in English Language Arts

Arts integration allows students to explore their knowledge, thoughts, opinions, and feelings about content in creative ways. Social and emotional learning (SEL) intentionally considers factors such as cooperation, empathy, communication, and active listening within an instructional setting. Therefore, promoting SEL through arts integration naturally fosters emotional growth, cooperative learning opportunities, and intuitive insights.

Integrating the arts and SEL can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I knew that my students would be engaged in this learning, but I didn’t know where to start without feeling like I would have to work twice as hard to create innovative lessons. The good news is you can seamlessly use arts integration and SEL in your classroom with ease.

In my classroom, I’ve used SEL and arts integration with “The Three Little Pigs.” Using this early elementary text, here’s how arts integration and SEL might look in your ELA lessons. I include suggested grade levels, but depending on the text you select, these activities can easily be adapted to other grades as well.


Kathleen Notes: As many parents have found themselves as classroom teachers as well, this article is a great read!

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