Can Your Child`s Self Esteem Be Too High?

Every parent wants their children to love themselves, to be confident, happy people. But some parents worry that children can have self esteem that is "too high."

There is no such thing. We cannot see ourselves as too good, too capable, too worthwhile.

The worry these parents are expressing is that their child might have an over-inflated view of his own abilities, or a conviction that he`s more important than other people. But that`s not self esteem. That`s grandiosity, and it derives from insecurity. Low self-esteem can sometimes express itself in self-deprecating behavior, but more often shows up as arrogance or pridefulness, a need to believe that we are better than others. This is a defense against the deep fear that we aren`t good enough, so we must constantly measure ourselves against others and come out ahead.

So if you`ve heard that kids with high self-esteem act entitled, superior, narcissistic, or full of themselves, that`s just not true. Any psychological measure that measures these traits is not measuring self-esteem, but grandiosity, which is the opposite of self-esteem.


Kathleen Notes: Now that you know the difference you can help your child with self-efficasy, the foundation of healthy self-esteem...that, and knowing that their true worth comes from Jesus. He valued them so much that He died for them, and then rose again!

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