Are Your Kids Regressing? Yes, it`s the pandemic. Here`s what to do.

Children have coped with school closures, remote learning, missing friends. They`ve mourned birthday parties and soccer tournaments that never happened. They`ve worried about getting infected with invisible germs, or about their parents or grandparents dying. We parents have been stressed, so we yell more, and when we supervise their learning, it often triggers power struggles and other stress.  Just being able to run around on a playground with other children is off limits. No wonder children are stressed! So you can expect regression from kids of all ages.

That means that you can expect behavior issues from kids of all ages. Regression comes out in many ways depending on the child and the age, but whining, potty accidents and sleeping challenges are common. Generally you will see that the child gets emotionally dysregulated more easily and needs much more reassurance. Here are some examples:


Kathleen Notes: Regression is a normal response from children to stressors. They can get back on track when parents respond with love, patience and understanding.It`s especially vital for you be a safe place emotionally for your children.

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