Want to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids? A Classic Study Shows Children Need More `Grandparent Time`

classic study by professors Stewart Friedman and Jeff Greenhaus showed the number of hours busy professionals spend with their kids each day is not the best predictor of their children`s physical and emotional health. 

Instead, a better predictor was whether the parents were distracted when with their kids, like being in the same room but also answering emails.

As the researchers write, "Time and attention are not the same thing; there`s a big difference between physical presence and psychological presence ... if you`re not psychologically present, you`re not doing anybody any good."

Even so: Between the business of work and the business of life, regularly carving out undistracted, fully present time can be really hard.

Enter grandparents.


Kathleen Notes: And...grandparents need their grandkids! Another lesson from the pandemic...

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