Parents: We All Choose Our Child`s Religion?

So, first of all, let’s stop pretending that we’ll wait for our children to grow up so they can choose their religion. Parents always choose their children’s religion. Without exception. It’s just that, in some cases, this religion operates under a different name. It’s the vision of the good life, the object of our loves, that Thing that will justify our existence.

Secondly, to speak directly to Christian parents, let’s cultivate an awareness of how we, as parental priests, are conducting the daily, heart-shaping, love-directing liturgy in our homes. If we take our kids to church on Sunday, then spend the other 6 ½ days around the altar of Materialism and memorizing the chief parts of the catechism of iFaith, we don’t have to be a prophet to foretell what their vision of the good life will be.

“Take up your cross and follow Me” will be replaced in your children’s lives by “Take up your desires and pursue them.”


Kathleen Notes: Yes!

- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 12 Date: 3/18/2021 12:05:44 PM -