Benefits of Risky Play

Do you allow children to explore enough?  There are many benefits to risky play for children.

Risk taking is so important throughout childhood.

This type of play allows children to recognize and evaluate a challenge and decide on a plan of action.

What is Risky Play?

Risky play has been defined as thrilling and exciting play that sometimes may include the possibility of real injury. Based on Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter’s research, six types of risky play have been identified:

  • play at height i.e. danger of falling
  • play with speed i.e. danger of running into something or someone
  • play near near dangerous elements (i.e. water, fire)
  • play with dangerous tools (i.e. knives)
  • rough and tumble play
  • play where there is the potential for disappearing or getting lost.

Kathleen Notes: I think that Dads are often (but not always) better at this. Risk allows our kiddos to overcome difficulties and develop a strong sense of themselves.

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