5 Date Ideas for Married Couples

Though it may seem a bit counterintuitive, going on dates can be an excellent strategy to maintain a healthy marriage. Any marriage comes with challenges, and my own husband and I have not always had the best relationship. Our first seven years of marriage were spent not knowing Jesus and we lived for each of our own lives instead of investing in our marriage.

In fact, we had both decided that divorce was in our near future. Neither of us cared about the other`s needs and we honestly were tired of dealing with all the emotional baggage.

Thankfully God came along about our 7th year and we learned about His love, grace and mercy. We went through a few months of marriage counseling after we both got saved because we realized that once we gave our lives to Christ, we did love each other and wanted to try and make things work.

Our counselor gave us some good ideas for connecting. One of the pieces of marriage advice we were given and still practice to this day (16 years later) is dating each other. Below you will find five of my absolute favorite date night ideas for married couples.


Kathleen Notes: Some of these might take a bit of creativity during C19, but date nights are so worth it! Check these out...

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