The Amazing Power of Thanking God for What He Hasn’t Done

Such suspicion may be wise on earth but applied to heaven it’s monstrous. One of the most worshipful things we can do is to praise God for blessings He has promised that we have not yet received. This has been such an encouraging spiritual practice for me that I’m eager to share it with you.

We can thank God for heaven even before we get there; we have Jesus’ word that He is preparing a place for us (John 14:2-3). Thanking God for heaven now floods our souls with joy that we don’t have to be afraid of death, and it reminds us that we don’t have to mistreat ourselves (like some medieval monks and nuns did) or work ourselves to exhaustion (as legalists do) to earn it. All of us will be amazed by our eternal comfort, but why not squeeze a little anticipatory joy out of that comfort just when we need it most—today?


Kathleen Notes: God`s promises are sure and when we pay attention to them it supplies a vital ingredient in personal resilience: hope.

- - Volume: 9 - WEEK: 7 Date: 2/11/2021 1:41:08 PM -