10 Ideas To Give Your Marriage a Fresh Start

The idea of a fresh start might make some of us snort. Maybe this past year has felt stuck on replay of a song you didn’t like in the first place.

All of us encounter days where we’re thinking, If he throws his socks beside the hamper one more time, I am going to tell him exactly where he should put them.

Or, Can you really have a headache for the fifth night this week?

Or maybe the slumps are longer: that season when you’re drowning in sippy cups and Big Bird, and when the kids’ primary caregiver gets horizontal, it’s only to immediately hit a much-needed REM cycle.

It could be that season when work and schedules and teenager issues mean most of your conversations last about six minutes, four of which are about logistics and who’s picking up whom.

But as C.S. Lewis wrote, “Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.”

You could say marriage is a form of faith—even more in God than in your spouse.


Kathleen Notes: 10 great ideas and maybe some you haven`t considered before. take a look...

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