5 Reasons Your Preteen Needs You
Your preteen is embarking on the era of adolescence when many of life’s choices will be made, and they need you now more than ever. Preteens are unique because, unlike most teenagers, they still invite participation and closeness with parents—an attitude that will be changing soon....

....Your child is still young enough to appreciate your interaction, so take advantage of it. As the teenage years approach, your children will start to pull away, and you’ll have to struggle to be a part of their lives. Start building a relationship now that will extend into the teen years.

That means you have to take time to listen, laugh, and create memories. If that’s too difficult, maybe it’s time to rearrange some things in your busy schedule until these years of opportunity fade away.


Kathleen Notes: Just because your child is older doesn`t mean they need you less, just differently.

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