Parent Coaching / CranioSacral and Pediatric Massage

 Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a customized-to-your-family opportunity to understand your  child’s behavior and learn what to do to help it improve dramatically. You’ll learn Present Moment Parenting with the support of a coach who will not pass judgment on you, but will stand by you as you gain new skills. There’s no diagnosis from your coach, just solid, usable tools for bringing out the best in your child(ren).

If you have a child with whom typical parenting methods don’t help, and even make the situation worse, you’ve come to the right place.   

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 Discounts are available for  prepaid sessions of 3 or more. Just ask!

CranioSacral and Pediatric Massage
We are now able to offer resources that enhance mind/body healing through therapeutic modalities such as CranioSacral Massage Therapy and Pediatric Massage.
When used as a counseling resource, these modalities can provide additional support in coping with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and trauma, to name just a few.

For clients only:
CranioSacral Massage Therapy by Revelation Massage Therapy, Christa Bartz, LMT, CCSP1 is now available by appointment only. Please contact Christa by email at

Pediatric Massage
by Little Owls Pediatric Massage, Alisha Burkhalter, LMT, CPMT
Please contact Alisha by email at

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